[Photo: Annabelle Loi] [Art Direction: Suhra Pyo]

Alexandra for Stylist Affair (Video)

A fun shoot with NK Cosmetic services, Hormin Kwon for Stylist Affair a new online magazine. To see the video click "Read More" below.

Photo by: Hormin Kwon

Background (Extra) Work

Some of my favourite screen caps from Background (extra) work

Hellcats: Hellcat -  Season 1 Ep 22 - CW Television Network


Photo: Andrea Gurniak

[Photographer: Andrea Gurniak] [Makeup: Kaitlin Hargreaves]

Fashion by Bronte Robertson

[Photographer: Kaileigh Meng] [Hair: Brittney Hughes] [Designer: Bronte Robertson]

Ganbatte Japan T-Shirt

Proceeds from the T-shirt sales went to the Red Cross for aid in Japan

Grumpy Clothing

[Photographer: Liam Hayes] [Designer: Grumpy Clothing]

More Beauty

[Photographer: afotography] [Makeup: Meenu Gill]

Jewelry Modeling Contest Winner

"The Jewelry Contest Winner is Alexandra! She is 5'6" from Vancouver BC. I like the sophistication but urban feel of the shots, which can still be considered commercial print friendly even though there is a fashion edge seen there." - Isobella Jade
Photo: Paul Behm Photography